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Are you hoping to give your room a new look with some lovely and sturdy flooring? Concrete by Design is the only company you need. We offer a wide selection of flooring in India. Moreover, We provide the Best Flooring in India.

In addition, solutions fit every style and desire as a premier supplier of high-quality flooring materials and installation services. Everyone will find something they like in our assortment, from traditional elegance to modern trends.

We are on top for giving the best Residential flooring in Delhi and Commercial Flooring in Delhi.

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Why Choose Flooring by Concrete by Design?

For individuals who want to go beyond conventional flat or smooth painted walls, wall texture paint is a great option. Here are some justifications for thinking about applying texture paint:

  • Variety: We recognise that each area is special, which is why we provide a variety of flooring choices. Moreover, you can Discover the appropriate flooring.
  • Superior Quality: We are committed to offering flooring products that are long-lasting. In addition ,Our goods are from reliable suppliers.
  • Skilled Installation: For your flooring to have the ideal appearance and functionality, a faultless installation is essential.
  • Style and Design: The flooring you choose has a big impact on how your room looks and feels.
  • Outstanding Customer Service: We put the needs of our clients first.

Learn About the Difference about Concrete by Design:

You may feel confident working with us because we put quality, style, and customer satisfaction first. Our flooring specialists would be happy to help you discover the ideal flooring for your space while considering your taste, finances, and functional needs into account. Contact Concrete by Design right away to arrange a consultation or get a price estimate. With our top-notch flooring alternatives and services, we can assist you in adding style, toughness, and enduring beauty to your home or place of business. This Makes us the Best Flooring in India.


We do provide warranties for our flooring goods, yes. Depending on the type of flooring chosen, the particular guarantee information may change.

Yes, we offer pet-friendly carpet . We can suggest the choices that will best meet your needs.

To make the cost of your flooring purchase more manageable, we might provide financing options. More details about the different financing alternatives are available from our team.
Before starting the installation procedure, our installation crew will evaluate the current flooring. In addition, they will give the necessary steps for its removal.Moreover, We make sure the removal process is accurate and effective.
Yes, we provide flooring solutions that are appropriate for particular spaces like bathrooms and kitchens.

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